Thompson Chocolate

Celebrate the fall harvest with simple, thoughtful items like all-natural, foil-wrapped chocolate turkeys, corn, and autumn leaves.

  • Hollow Turkey #257 3.5oz Hollow Turkey
  • Autumn Ball Mix #890-10 Bulk Autumn Ball
    Mix: 10lb
  • Autumn Leaves #295GB Milk Chocolate Leaves
    in 6oz cello gift bags
    #295B-DRC Milk Chocolate Leaves
    in 8oz lay down bags
    #899-10 Bulk Dark Chocolate
    Leaves: 10lb
    #899M-10 Bulk Milk Chocolate
    Leaves: 10lb
  • Thanksgiving Minis #253B-DRC Thanksgiving Minis in
    8oz lay down bags
    #253-10 Bulk Thanksgiving Minis: 10lb

Adora Calcium | Thompson Brands

Made in the USA

All products OU dairy Kosher certified.